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Hopefully everyone by now all our users at are enjoying the recent addition of response time ( our paid plan members enjoying the ability to see response times from our different website monitoring locations).  We have recently made changes that will impact on how your response time is calculated going forward.

Until now we have counted response time as the amount of time taken to load the basic content on the page – that is to say the HTML. From today we will be monitoring total load time in a standardized  environment.  This means not only will we be downloading the HTML from your website but all images, CSS and JavaScript.  This method far better simulates the response time an average user would find going to your website.

Because of these changes you may notice a big jump in response time from yesterday to today – this is normal and expected behavior.  If you added a site that was routed via a 301 redirect then you may also notice a bigger jump in load times as from today as we will be following all HTTP same-origin redirects (where as before we reported response time from the exact URL).

If you have any questions regarding these changes then please do let us know – you can always contact us via email at [email protected] and we’d be very happy to help!

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