What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers

In three years StatusCake has come a long way and we now have over 75,000 customers.  We do very little marketing and the vast majority of our growth has come through word-of-mouth.  Why?  Because although we get things wrong from time-to-time we’re honest about our mistakes and always try to put things right.  Because we always try to do the best for our customers and go that extra mile.  It may sound a cliché but without our customers what’s the point in running a business, or having a product?

A core tenent of the StatusCake way is that tools such as website monitoring should be affordable for all.  After all downtime is just as important for a blogger or a start-up as it is a multinational.  It’s how downtime impacts you personally that is important; not the amount of money that downtime costs you.

That’s why StatusCake has always had a great monitoring plan for our free customers.  We know that some customers simply can’t afford a paid plan.  Our free plans are unlimited and they’re free for life.  And we also offer our free customers great support.  Whilst we know that our free plan is actually far more competitive than many paid plans out there we choose to keep it the way it is. Because that feels the right thing to do.

We know that not all businesses are run the StatusCake way but we find it astounding that when someone asks Pingdom if they offer a free service the response is to laugh at that person and tell them don’t worry ambulance chasers will soon come along!

This is not only disrespectful to the individual but speaks volumes for the attitude at the heart of the Pingdom business – it screams “we only care if you’re making us money.  Don’t worry someone else will have you!”  This isn’t an isolated incident. Pingdom regularly make jokes when people genuinely come looking for a free plan – and this is not the first time we’ve called them out over it!  And if you’re a paid customer over at Pingdom don’t expect to be treated any better!

We’ve always been happy to welcome everyone to StatusCake.com.  So whether you’re a free or a paying customer our pledge has always been (and remains) the same.  Our free account is free-for-life.  We will never take any features or functionality away from you.  And if you’re a paid customer the same applies.  You’ll be grandfathered in for life.  That’s the honest way.  The right way.  And if that’s considered ambulance chasing then we hope we’ve breathed some new life into the patient that is website monitoring!

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