Feature Spotlight: Public Reporting API


We’ve today introduced a fully functional API for use with our Public Reporting tool. This allows you to carry out all of the functions that you would in app, but now you can automate and schedule these tasks instead of needing to complete them manually.

What is Public Reporting?

A Public Reporting Page displays information on a selection of tests in your StatusCake Monitoring account. On our paid accounts you can add as many tests as you wish to a Public Report, when that’s done you will see data on the last 7 days of uptime, as well as the same Status Periods that you would see in app.

You can add as many of these as you require and there’s access control available with an optional password requirement.

It’s possible to fully customise these pages on our paid plans, you can modify the CSS, colour scheme, and also add a logo if required.


What can I do with the new API functionality?

The supported functions are identical to what’s possible in app, here’s a summary of what’s possible:

  • Get information on a single page.
  • Get information on all pages.
  • Create a new page.
  • Update an existing page.
  • Delete an existing page.

For more information and to get started right away automating the management of your Public Reports, please check out our API documentation for the technical details. For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team!

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