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Black Friday

Why Black Friday 2020 is going to be the biggest one yet

3 min read Black Friday 2020 is set to be the biggest discount day of the year, especially with lockdown meaning high street shops are unable to open until 2nd December. See how and why Black Friday 2020 will make a difference to businesses and consumers.

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US Retailer Target Struck Again by Online & Payment Processing Downtime

< 1 min read US retailer Target faced issues with its online presence yesterday, Tuesday 24th September 2019, when its website experienced an outage.  The downtime not only impacted Target’s sales website but also its mobile application as well as payment processing in-store. Responding to CNBC the retailer told the news channel that “as the result of a payment

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Scott Rigsby Foundation Domain Grabbed by Gambling Website

2 min read Scott Rigsby is no ordinary Ironman.  At the age of 18 he was involved in a motor vehicle accident which after 26 operations over the space of a decade left him as a double amputee.  After battling depression and alcohol addiction following his accident he found purpose in his life and went on to become

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Avoiding a Website Crash – Virgin Money Giving Runs into Trouble

2 min read Virgin Money Giving experienced a website crash during the London Marathon, and that crash was both embarrassing and costly. In the short term, the crash prevented people from providing support to the marathon participants promptly. In the long term, Virgin has taken a hit in brand reputation that may take a while to recover from.

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Slow Loading Time & Lack of Guest Checkout Costs UK Retailers Billions

2 min read Most of the major retailers in the UK have websites that are mobile-friendly, but slow website loading time and the lack of a guest checkout feature are costing them billions in lost revenue. A study by online retail specialist Summit looked at the UK’s 50 top retailers to show how they could improve their mobile

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Website Crashes Still a Major Issue in 2016

2 min read Well, 2016 has been another banner year for major website crashes. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, such as the hugely disruptive one on Dyn, were on the rise, but many of these crashes were preventable. As in past years, the main culprit was inadequate preparation for an increase in traffic that was entirely predictable.

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Canada’s immigration website crashes due to traffic surge

2 min read The contentious US presidential election is over and contrary to the expectations of most people, Donald Trump won. Canada was among the first to experience the effects of this decision. About two hours after polls closed in eastern US states and it became apparent that Trump would win, Canada’s main immigration website crashed.

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Facebook Is Down

< 1 min read Update 09:24 BST: After around 29 minutes of Downtime Facebook has started to recover for many users and our global uptime monitoring servers have started to receive status code 200). There are still some lingering speed issues and some countries are finding the service fluctuate. Original: If you thought Downtime was just an issue that

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Talking Windows – New Ad Campaign Targets Sleeping Commuters

< 1 min read German broadcaster Sky Deutschland has unveiled a new ad campaign which aims to target commuters as they fall asleep on the train,  by quite literally, getting insider their heads. Created by advertising agency BBDO, the ad campaign is transmitted via kit which is attached to the windows, with the vibrations of the ad being transmitted

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