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Black Friday
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What to expect from Black Friday 2021

3 min read Black Friday 2021 is fast approaching so we thought we’d help you out with everything you need to know about the biggest online event of the year!

change log
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What is Amazon mesh and how will it change the tech space?

4 min read Amazon is rarely out of the news, and the recent news has focused on how valuable the company is, the large market cap and Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO last month to be replaced by Andy Jassy. This time, however, the big news is Amazon mesh, a network to connect users and their devices.

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The 5 most shocking websites to go down in May

4 min read Want to be surprised by the websites that have gone down in May? You will be! From CRM giants Salesforce to social media experts Facebook, they’ve all had websites go down this week. Ouch,

people buying online
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Why Facebook monetising WhatsApp could be a good thing

4 min read Rumours have it that Facebook plan to monetise WhatsApp by making it possible to process transactions through it. Whether that sounds like a game-changer to you or not, trust us when we say it really can be. Read about how it can effectively change the world’s purchasing processes as we know them to be.

project Bernanke lawsuit
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Project Bernanke – Google’s Secret Ace

3 min read You may have heard whispers of Google’s lawsuit regarding Project Bernanke but we’ve got the downlow on everything you need to know about exactly what Project Bernanke is and why the State of Texas is filing a lawsuit against them.

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The Facebook data breach that affects over 533 million users explained

4 min read Heard about the latest Facebook data breach? Over 533 million users are affected with all of their personal data available on suspicious hacker platforms and forums for free. Find out exactly what happened and what Facebook are doing about it in this blog.

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