Product & Updates

Product & Updates

How to monitor a Windows server with StatusCake

3 min read If, like many of our customers, want to monitor a Windows server or workstation with StatusCake, use this step-by-step guide to help you set it up! We walk you through everything you need to know for a more enhanced website monitoring experience.

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Product & Updates

Your guide to SSL certificates as an online customer

3 min read As a customer shopping online, sometimes we don’t pay attention to making sure the sites we are visiting are safe and secure. We want to change this by making sure you’re in the know about SSL certificates and why’re they’re important to you as a customer. Check out our blog to learn more.

Product & Updates

Product update: Email reporting and dashboards

2 min read We believe in constantly improving our website monitoring solution based on the feedback and needs of our customers. That’s why we’ve made some updates to our email reporting to now include page speed tests and to our dashboards for better security and privacy. Find out more inside!

Product & Updates

How Page Speed Affects SEO

2 min read We all know page speed is crucial but not just for you brand – it affects SEO so hugely that it can make your pages drop in ranking.

Product & Updates

The Importance of an SSL Certificate

2 min read Website visitors want assurances that a website is secure before they decide to access it, and an SSL certificate issued by a certificate authority provides online businesses with the ability to assure visitors that the site is safe.

Black Friday 2019: How Website Uptime Impacts your Bottom Line

4 min read Black Friday has quickly become the biggest retail event of the year in the UK, and sales and marketing staff are busy preparing themselves for what can be a make or break week for businesses. What started as an American shopping tradition following Thanksgiving has spread in recent years to become a worldwide phenomenon, with

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New Role – SysAdmin Wanted

2 min read Check out our new roles by visiting our roles including SysAdmin wanted and more to come with our ever expanding team!

How Website Uptime Monitoring Can Help Your Business

4 min read Would you know if your website went down? What would a potential customer think if they tried to access your website and found that it was offline? Would they return for a second time? Almost all businesses maintain some sort of online presence, and even for companies with large IT teams, it is simply infeasible

Product & Updates

StatusCake App: New Functionality added

2 min read Breaking news – StatusCake has new functionality that you’re going to want to read about right now! See it all in this blog now.

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