The cleverest 404 pages on the internet right now

5 min read No one wants to see a 404 page but when you do, it makes it just a little better when it’s absolutely fabulous. From dog pictures to animations of wizarding hamsters, we have the very best 404 pages of the year right year. Check them out right now.

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The hidden powers of content revealed

4 min read It’s easy to forget that content is a revenue driver, especially since you can’t specifically track its ROI. But I want to show you content from another perspective – show you the power that content has on your business and customers. Read on to find out exactly what revelations are inside.

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Why you should join a SaaS tech affiliate program this year

6 min read If you’re looking to earn extra income from a high quality, high commission affiliate program then this is the blog for you. All of the top partner programs you should be using and how you can start affiliate marketing all feature. What are you waiting for?

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hands together making a difference

The story of the 999 Club charity that inspired us to give

4 min read We are truly inspired by the work that the 999 Club does and we believe that you will be too. We interviewed Head of Partnerships, Gulen Petty, to better understand the story of this outstanding charity and what made her give up her successful career in chemistry for the 999 Club.

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malicious threats to yoru website

Malicious threats to your website that you don’t know about

5 min read You’ve heard the terms “malware” and “phishing” but do you know how they affect your website and what you can do to prevent them attacking? Find out everything you need to know about malicious threats to your website so you don’t risk your company’s reputation or revenue.

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Boosting lockdown morale with Crafternoon

4 min read Here at StatusCake, we don’t want to spend our days sitting in front of screens and shouting “You’re on MUTE” every twenty minutes. Instead, we like to paint mugs. Mugs with trees on, mugs with cats, dogs, and mugs with dragons. Yep, dragons. See how crafternoon’s with your work team can help boost your morale during lockdown!

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How you can recycle your unused tech gadgets for free

3 min read How many unwanted or unused tech gadgets do you have stashed away at home? If, like many of us, you have drawers full of them, we’ve got the top ways of recycling them for free. The best part? You’re stopping unnecessary waste, helping others have access to technology and being kind to the environment. Win, win and win!

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