How to get your customers more engaged with your SaaS product


One of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies isn’t only how to get customers to buy your SaaS product but how to keep them engaged with it. It may be surprising but just because someone has bought your product or service, it doesn’t mean they interact with it in the way that they should or in such a way that they’re getting the most out of it. The downside to this? They are the customers that are more likely to churn. 

But don’t start whipping out the whiteboards and spilling your coffees running to the brainstorm room, we’ve put together just a few ways that you can get your customers engaged with your SaaS product. Try them, we promise they work!

A insightful and purposeful onboarding process

Arguably, there is nothing more important than onboarding your customers properly. This is the key to making sure they know exactly how to get the most out of your SaaS product. For example with StatusCake, we want our new customers to set up their uptime tests as soon as possible so we give them tips and Knowledge Base articles in our initial email series on how to do exactly that. If they haven’t opened or engaged with that email, we will send another one to ensure they definitely have the chance to see the contents and action what’s inside them. 

Making use of a Change log 

A change log can be very effective in keeping your customers engaged with your SaaS product. Why? For two main reasons:

  1. Customers can see you’re being transparent with any changes or updates to the product or service that you’re offering
  2. Customers have instant and easy access to all of the changes you’ve made making communication completely streamlined 

If a customer knows there’s been an update or release, they’re more likely to take a look at it and have a play around with whatever it is. You can even ask customers to subscribe/sign up to your change log page so that they get alerts regularly when you update the log.

Regular Knowledge Base articles

A knowledge base is an absolute must for any SaaS company. This is the content pinnacle for all of your customers – a place where they can find all of the how-to guides they need in order to get the most out of your product/service. 

Be sure to organise your Knowledge Base in such a way that customers don’t have to “dig deep” for the content they’re looking for. Think of ways that you can categorise with “beginner”, “advanced” and “intermediate” levels of guides so that new and current customers can access the content that is most useful to them. 

Making use of email marketing 

This may sound like a simple and obvious way to keep customers engaged with your SaaS product but you’ll be surprised by how many companies still don’t do this or don’t do it regularly enough. 

For your customers to receive regular newsletters from you, it keeps your product/service in their head and ensures that they’re getting regular communication about any upcoming changes, releases, or news with your company. Whether you opt to send these weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, they really can be a fantastic source of engagement. 

Hosting regular product webinars 

Hosting regular webinars that your customers can attend to learn more about your product/service and familiarise themselves with is imperative to engagement. Some people don’t react well to how-to guides or blogs so a live webinar can prove to be very effective. 

To know what your webinar should be based on, use the data you have access to to see what the main challenge you have with your customers is. For example, are they not setting up page speed tests but they are setting up uptime tests? Once you identify what the problem areas are, you can better shape your webinars for what your customers actually need.

These are just a few ways to get your customers more engaged with your SaaS offering. The more you can do, the better because after all, customers are the most important part of your business!

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