Monday Update – Domain and SSL updates

Today we’ve made some changes to our Domain and SSL features to make your monitoring set ups more effective, and cover a wider range of use-cases.

SSL Monitoring Updates

Hostname field added to SSL

You can now add a custom hostname to the settings of your SSL test. This is very handy in cases where you need to test with a unique hostname or a specific IP, which is great for bypassing a proxy or dealing with the presence of a load balancer. Existing tests will need to be updated and this setting enabled in order to take advantage of this feature.


User Agent added to SSL

We’ve also added the ability to define a custom user agent for the SSL tests. You can set this to whatever you want for development or security purposes, if you do choose to leave this blank then our default StatusCake user agent will be used.

API support for this and the hostname function will be coming soon.

Domain Monitoring Updates

New TLD’s added to our list of supported Domains

We now have full support for two new TLD’s :

  • .live
  • .coop

Adding one of these domains will allow you to get the full set of data including expiry and extended WHOis info. If there’s a domain you’d like to see supported that isn’t just yet – please get in touch with our friendly team via live chat, or send us an email at [email protected]

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