Monday Update – this week’s changes

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We’ve got a few things to update you on this week, and you can find all of the details below:

Bulk Upload for TCP and PING type tests

Today we’ll be adding Bulk Upload capabilities for both PING and TCP type tests. This will be done with the “Add Bulk” button next to the URL field when adding a new test. It’s previously been possible to do this for the HTTP type tests, and we’ll continue to implement changes with the aim of supporting all possible test-types.

Mobile Responsiveness updates

As part of our commitment to improving the mobile experience for all StatusCake users we’re undertaking a gradual redesign of the mobile website view. This week you’ll see big differences and usability improvements in the Domains section, as well as the Bulk Update tool. We’ll continue to make and update you on these improvements as work progresses!

Brazilian Currency now supported

Great news for our customers residing in Brazil – you can now take a StatusCake plan in your local currency, cutting down on currency conversion costs and giving you more bang for your buck. As well as subscriptions we also offer SMS credits in Brazilian real.

Force Test tool added to SSL

It’s now possible to force an SSL test once per 24 hours in order to grab the most up to date results. This can be done from the details/info page for each SSL test, and after pressing the button you can expect to have data within a maximum of 5 minutes.


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