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In the world of SSL we thought just giving you one thing would not be very nice – so today we’re happy to announce two new aspects relating to SSL. – Safe & Secure

Firstly we have now lunched StatusCake on HTTPs.  This offers you the ability to be sure that no one is sniffing in on your connection. You should automatically be pushed onto the SSL version of the website whenever the platform you’re using supports it.  When viewing the StatusCake website in Chrome you should see a lovely green https://. The StatusCake API can also be accessed via https and the Chrome plugin will be updated shortly to reflect the secure connection.

Certificate Checking for StatusCake Customers on all HTTPs Enabled Websites

While working on the SSL for StatusCake we thought – hey what if we forget when we needed to renew our SSL certificate?  What if a certificate issuer has revoke some certificates – what if it’s one of yours?  So it is with this logic in mind that we have pushed live certificate checking on all HTTPs enabled sites.

If your site is HTTP enabled and you’ve added the URL as https:// within StatusCake (or port 443) then you will have the certificate details showing on the All Status page.  And when your certificate gets to less than a week before renewal we will alert you using your standard contact group; along with alerts on standard certificate errors.

That’s it for today – but stay tuned for even more updates.

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