SSL Monitoring

Why you need SSL Monitoring

SSL is an ever evolving factor in recent years, however still by far the largest problem area with these tends to be forgotten renewals. This can then lead to the lack of a certificate on your website, causing big issues for any transactions being processed, your Search Rankings, and also the negative impression that customers browsing your website will have as a result. Also you need to watch out for the validity of your certificate, this can be affected by the strength of your certificate chain, the domain on which the certificate is hosted, and other factors which all contribute to building trust with your customers.

How It Impacts You

Expired SSL certs can be a nightmare for staff at many levels, we now live in an age where the standard term for a certificate can extend way beyond a year, and with some certificate types we are now seeing much shorter terms. All of this variance means that remembering all your SSL renewal dates becomes doubly difficult, and it can be extremely handy to have monitored reminders near the time of expiry. Invalid or unsafe SSL certificates will cause users to distrust your website, and browser side warnings will generally be generated when someone attempts to visit the page.

The Solution

Using StatusCake can ensure that the SSL certificate is checked with every uptime test, giving you fantastic coverage, and putting you in the know the moment the status of your certificate changes due to a renewal or something similar. At all times we’ll display the valid start and end dates – and our systems can alert you 30, 14 and 1 days before the final expiry, guaranteeing that you never miss an SSL renewal again! As well as that we can keep an eye on many aspects of the validity which you can also be alerted to right away if there are any errors!

How Long It Takes

It’s as simple as adding the URL you’d like to monitor, and your SSL certificates will be monitored and alerted on by our systems.