What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers

What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers?

A core tenent of the StatusCake way is that tools such as website monitoring should be affordable for all.  After all downtime is just as important for a blogger or a start-up as it is a multinational.  It’s how downtime … Read More

Rising Prices ahead

Price Rises, Changing Plans & Treating Customers Fairly

Whether you’ve owned, managed, or worked for a SaaS start-up you’ll know there are some decisions that are easy to take.  These are the no-brainers that are determined within seconds.  As far as you can tell there are no downsides … Read More

A Message from the StatusCake Founders to all Pingdom Users

Dear Pingdom Users, We launched StatusCake.com in July last year.  Since then we’ve grown from a few, to many and now tens of thousands of customers.  But one thing has remained constant.  We’ve ensured from the start that our platform … Read More