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Serving multiple SSL certificates in your Go tests

5 min read Over the past few months, I’ve been redesigning and writing StatusCake’s SSL monitoring feature from Node to Go. This blog post describes one of the more subtle challenges we came across to help you master it if you find yourself with it too!

In The News

Everything you need to know about the Malwarebytes hack

3 min read You’ve probably heard about the Malwarebytes hack in late 2020. But do you know what and how it all went down? Find out everything you need to know about one of the most shocking hacks on an antivirus software and what you can do should it happen to your website!

Product & Updates

How Page Speed Affects SEO

2 min read We all know page speed is crucial but not just for you brand – it affects SEO so hugely that it can make your pages drop in ranking.


Public Reporting API

< 1 min read We’ve today introduced a fully functional API for use with our Public Reporting tool.


Integration Spotlight – VictorOps

< 1 min read Read all about our latest integration with VictorOps and want it means for your website monitoring needs and how to use it!

The Impact of Website Downtime on SEO

3 min read When your website goes offline there are many factors for you to consider as a priority, such as the loss in traffic and sales and/or leads.

Want to know how much website downtime costs, and the impact it can have on your business?

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