It’s been a week now since we sent out our 4th customer survey and as always we’re not only noting down the responses but acting on them – our policy has always been we listen, we learn! It’s with this mind that today we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some improvements and changes to DNS monitoring.

You are now able to select the DNS server to use to performance the DNS check – this can either the DNS servers attached to your domain or alternatively any custom DNS servers you wish to input. You can set the DNS server to use by editing an existing DNS test or creating a new test.

With this change you can be certain that not only are your DNS servers pointing to the correct location but even more importantly that your DNS servers are up and responding in a timely manner.

Speaking of timely manners we’ve also changed how we record DNS response times. Previously when we used our own master DNS server we started recording response times from the point of connection – from now we will record them from the point of attempt at connection – because of this change you may see a small increase in your connection times, however this is a more realistic reflection of the load time.

A huge thanks to everyone who requested this improvement!


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