By James Barnes

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How to make remote meetings work during lockdown

4 min read Remote meetings can be so difficult, especially with the many screams of “you’re on mute” and lateness from people getting out of their pyjamas. That’s why we thought we’d help you out with some top tips on how to make remote meetings work for you during the lockdown in 2021. From good mental health to time management at home, there’s a formula to effective remote meetings and it’s all inside this blog!

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5 Missed Opportunities – The VC Deals That Got Away!

3 min read We often hear stories from VCs that smartly invested in an unknown start-up for it to go on and become a darling of Silicon Valley and the tech world; those legendary Unicorns.Unicorn.  But what of those ones that got away?  The big-hits that they missed. Like Dick Rowe of Decca who passed on the opportunity

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5 Inspirational Ali Quotes for Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

< 1 min read The man who called himself “The Greatest” died yesterday at the age of 74.  The boxer Muhammad Ali, not only lived up to that moniker as three times heavyweight champion of the world, but he was also a civil rights campaigner, and a visionary.  He was every bit the showman – a silver-tongued, an anti-establishment

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5 Inspirational Quotes on Learning for Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

2 min read Being a great entrepreneur is, amongst other things, about building something great – a product or service that users love and which is shaped by your vision and passion.  But getting from $0 to $1m ARR isn’t easy. It’s never simply a case of build it and they will come.  Even if you’re a seasoned

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StatusCake Server Monitoring – Early Invite

< 1 min read Development of the StatusCake product has always been driven by our customers; not only in terms of feature requests, but those small changes to the product and user interface that make the world of difference in day-to-day use.  In our our most recent customer survey one the most requested features was server monitoring.  You asked

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5 Must-Read VC Blogs

3 min read Whether you’re a first time entrepreneur or seasoned-pro if you want to succeed in business you’ll never stop learning. As start-up founders we’re fortunate enough today to have a great start-up community where knowledge is not only freely shared, but is accessible to everyone.  Knowledge and how to succeed doesn’t need to come with a

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What Do Pingdom Have Against Free Customers?

2 min read In three years StatusCake has come a long way and we now have over 75,000 customers.  We do very little marketing and the vast majority of our growth has come through word-of-mouth.  Why?  Because although we get things wrong from time-to-time we’re honest about our mistakes and always try to put things right.  Because we

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5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

3 min read Having the right tools to help you run your business is crucial.  When you’re launching a new business or product there’s a million-and-one things to do; spending hour after hour searching for tools is simply time you don’t have. We’re guessing you have big ambitions for your product, but right now budget is limited? If

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London SaaS Meet-Up April 2016

< 1 min read Next week the team will be at the London SaaS Meet-up.  Organised by SaaScribe and sponsored by Notion Capital, the meet-up which will be held at Zendesk’s London HQ and will focus on SaaS start-up metrics.  The speakers include James Gill, CEO of Go Squared; Sylvain Giuliani, CEO of Pusher; and David Benigson, CEO

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