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How To
James Barnes

How to make remote meetings work during lockdown

4 min read Remote meetings can be so difficult, especially with the many screams of “you’re on mute” and lateness from people getting out of their pyjamas. That’s why we thought we’d help you out with some top tips on how to make remote meetings work for you during the lockdown in 2021. From good mental health to time management at home, there’s a formula to effective remote meetings and it’s all inside this blog!

woman hugging the earth
James Barnes

Why being a socially responsible company is about morals, not profits

3 min read As the world becomes ever more aware of equality in the workplace, environmentally-friendly products and their carbon emissions, are companies making changes because they truly believe in helping to change the world or because they think it will drive profits?

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Product & Updates
James Barnes

StatusCake Server Monitoring – Early Invite

< 1 min read You requested a server monitoring feature and we listened to you. On this page we announce the new feature and ask for your feedback on it.

cms platform
James Barnes

5 Must-Read VC Blogs

3 min read Want some new inspirational reads? Find out what the 5 must-read VC blogs are so you can get the VC funding you’re looking for!

James Barnes

5 Must Have Start-Up Tools

3 min read In this blog we cover five must-have tools for startups for successful customer success, marketing and sales!

James Barnes

London SaaS Meet-Up April 2016

< 1 min read Read about StatusCake’s appearance at the April 2016 London SaaS Meet-up. Speakers include CEOs of Go Squared, Pusher and Signal Media.

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