Five Ways to Make Your Landing Page More Engaging

Five ways to make your landing page more engaging

When visitors access your website the first thing they see is your landing page. This page gives your visitors the first impression of your site and you only have one chance to make that first impression a good one. There is no magic formula for designing a perfect landing page, but there are several things to consider that will help convert those visitors to customers. Here are five ways you can make your landing page more engaging.

Always focus on your unique selling proposition (USP)

Your USP is the reason customers should buy your product or services rather than those of your competitor. Simply put, your USP differentiates you from others. This distinction is very important, as very few products or services are one-of-a-kind items. Determining your USP requires careful analysis of your competitor’s advertisements to find the hook that makes you different from them. For example, Walmart’s USP is providing bargains, with Neiman Marcus’s USP is providing luxury.

You have many choices in how you communicate your USP. For example, you can make it very clear within your copy on your website, or you can use video to get your point across. If done properly, video can be a very effective way to get visitors to understand the USP, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Be succinct

Many studies show that visitors to websites have a very short attention span, with the average coming in at around eight seconds. Therefore, you need to avoid having large blocks of text on your landing page. You need to get to your USP straightaway or your visitors will not stay on your site for very long trying to figure out what makes you unique. Visitors came to your site with a specific reason in mind, so help them find what they’re looking for within the first few seconds of their arrival. Make your headings and bullet points easy to scan to quickly convey your value to your visitors.

Highlight your call to action (CTA)

Ideally, all your web content should entice your visitors to act, but when you get to your specific CTA, it should stand out. The text should be clear and create a sense of urgency, and your CTA should be at a location on the page that will readily catch your visitor’s eye. The CTA button should stand out, but it should not be so big that it looks out of place. Use a different colour for your CTA button, but be sure it is complementary with the rest of the page.

Provide customer validation

Reviews and other evidence of customer validation help turn visitors into customers, so be sure to highlight them on your landing page. In addition to reviews and testimonials, providing links to your social media pages can help provide you with credibility for your potential customers.

Continuously test and tweak your landing page

Effective website design requires constant testing and tweaking. Market conditions and your competitors’ offerings can change, so you always need to be sure your landing page gives you the edge you want.

Having an effective landing page should always be one of your main priorities.

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