Integration Spotlight: Microsoft Teams

Today we’d like to take you through some of the advantages of using one of our newest integrations for getting StatusCake alerts: Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a complete solution for chatting with other staff members, as well as arranging and attending online conferences. The software makes it very easy to host audio, video, and web conferences where you can communicate both internally within your organisation, as well as externally to clients and others when required.

One of the most powerful features within Microsoft teams is the complete integration with office 365 services, well known examples including Word and Excel. Meaning that you can store the data for all notifications received in this way – making it very easy to create audit logs and keep general monitoring health records. If you use StatusCake monitoring as well as Microsoft office services within your organisation then the Teams integration is certainly worth a try.

If you just want to use the integration as a more basic system to manage your alerts from StatusCake (without any bells or whistles) then this is certainly an option, Microsoft teams allows for basic as well as advanced set ups, meaning that most organisations should be able to find a fit for their use-case.

Teams comes by default with Enterprise level security, compliance, and reliability so it’s a great option for anyone who needs a solution that they can depend upon. The application is supported across a wide range of platforms and operating systems, meaning that you should be able to get StatusCake notifications through Microsoft Teams where ever you are.

As of today (July 12th) Microsoft teams have released a free plan that rivals competitors in the space like Slack. So there’s never been a better time to grab an account and give this integration a try!

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