Meet The StatusCake Team – Week 23rd September 2019

We’re going to be at various events this week.  If you’re going to be at any of these events do email us if you’d like to learn more about StatusCake or simply say hello.

Monday 22nd September 2019

Knative – Bringing Serverless to your Kubernetes Cluster (Tech-Talk)

Our dev team will be at this meet-up on Monday evening which includes a talk from Nima Kavinia, a cloud engineer at IBM, who is focusing on taking a Kubernetes application and making it serveless using Knative.

Speakers: @nimak

Tuesday 23rd September 2019

Nuaware London Kubernetes Meetup

Our dev team will be at this Kubernetes meet-up with speakers from Octarine, Platform9 and Palo Alto Networks who will cover Kubernetes from a Cloud SRE/Admin, dev, architecture, and ops perspective.

Speakers: @rafifbg, @RamAkuka, @VamsiTalksTech, & Ashley Ward – @PaloAltoNtwksUK


We’ll also be at the Kubernetes London meet-up which is being hosted at the Cloudflare offices.  Guest speakers will be talking about edge Open Policy Agents and its importance when it comes to security and compliance, and Cloud Native delivery platforms.

Speakers: @vpetersson, @garethr, & @LewisMarshall

The Relationship Between Customer Success & Sales

Our Head of Partnerships and Head of Customer Success will be going to this SaaStock Local event hosted by Box.  Guest speaker Dan Farkas, VP of Box in the UK, will be talking about how Customer Success and Sales in Saas have worked for them.

Wednesday 25th September 2019

Ad:Tech London & Technology for Marketing

Our Head of Partnerships will be attending Ad:Tech and Technology for Marketing at London Olympia where we will be looking to have some great conversation with potential partners for our SaaS partner program, as well as look at new technologies.

Thursday 26th September 2019

DevOps Playground: Hands-on with Sonatype

Our dev ops team will be at this workshop where they’ll be learning how to understand the risks of using OS components, identifying risks, and how to prioritise what gets fixed and when.  The hands-on session also will look at using Jenkins to automatically scan and detect, and remediate some of the know vulnerabilities in open source components.

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