Monday Update: Bulk Upload, StatusCake Pages and a new testing server in Israel


Today we’ve got a few new additions to take you through, and you can expect some other changes still to come as the week progresses!

More test types for the Bulk Upload tool

The bulk upload tool (“Bulk add when creating a new uptime test) now supports all test types apart from DNS and PUSH. Previously only HTTP tests were supported for use with this tool, however, that’s now been expanded to all test types where possible.

Bulk Update is now supported for the following test types: HTTP, HEAD, TCP, PING, SMTP and SSH.

SSL support for StatusCake Pages

We’ve also just introduced support for SSL access to StatusCake Pages. This means that much like our recently introduced public reporting addition, you can now set up CNAME records to access your StatusCake Page via https://

Custom Logo support for StatusCake Pages

You can now take the customization and branding of your StatusCake Page a step further with our new custom logo upload functionality. This allows you both to insert and choose the position of your custom logo on the page.

New server in Israel

We are pleased to be once again offering a monitoring location based within Israel, this testing server is based in the Tel Aviv area. You can find the up to date information on IP addresses and other factors via our online locations list. The new IP address for use with whitelisting will be:

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