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Running a website is more than just ensuring port 80 is alive and kicking – there are various routes to failure and StatusCake HTTP monitoring had you covered on nearly all of them – but we don’t want nearly, we want all. With that in mind today we’re happy to announce some vast improvements to our SSL monitoring for our Superior and Business account holders.

We first launched SSL monitoring a year ago and we’ll admit, it wasn’t perfect. The system had no UI elements and was purely based on alerts. Today we’ve rolled out a new snazzy UI where you can view all your SSL enabled sites along with their current certificate status and when the certificate is due to expire. The SSL checks are performed on a real web browser instance so you can rest in peace knowing your SSL is running great so long as you have that ‘GOOD’ status!

But what happens when something goes wrong? Our SSL monitoring system is automatically setup with any HTTP test that starts with https:// – and if we detect an issue with the certificate then we’ll send out an email ensuring you know before your visitors trust in your site is damaged. We’ll also send you out alerts when your SSL is 14 days, 7 days and 1 day from expiring!

To view your SSL Monitoring information simply ensure you have a HTTPs enabled site and then go to Your Tests and then SSL Tests. From here you’ll be able to view each and every SSL certificate that is detected by StatusCake!

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