New Functionalities for Server Monitoring


Today we have added further functionality to our Server Monitoring feature, enabling more flexibility on when and why you are alerted. Also, we’ve added the ability for these tests to detect downtime.

You can now select whether you would like to receive alerts for each separate factor that the Server Monitor reports on. The options are RAM, CPU, and DISK, and these can be enabled or disabled for alerting within the settings.

Additionally, it’s now possible to receive an alert after a set number of minutes where we have not received any communication from the server. This means that we will notify you if the server is down or inaccessible and we can no longer obtain the data on the system usage.

The default rate for a newly added server to alert after not receiving data will be 5 minutes, and for any existing tests, you should edit them in order to enable the new functionality. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team who can help out!

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