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At StatusCake there’s more to website monitoring that just sending alerts when your website goes down.  Within your StatusCake account you have full access to all the data you need to gauge the performance of your website.

As well as graphs that give detail of Browser Full Load Time Performance, and which can be searched on a 1hr, 3hr, 24hr, 1 monthly or yearly basis – or indeed checked between any two dates) you instantly be able to see the average load time of your site.

Our geographic heat-map will also show you your website’s performance on a country-by-country basis.

Within the Test Data table you’ll see each check-time period – the status of your website when we monitored it, the date and time of the check, the status code we received back from your website along with the response time.

You’ll also see a simple, easy-to-understand table which shows your website’s percentage uptime on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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