Pricing Changes At StatusCake


Pricing Changes At StatusCake

Putting up prices is never an easy decision for a business, particularly when we know that many of our customers have limited budgets in these tough economic times.

At StatusCake we’ve always felt that our customers are as passionate about the company as we are. This is why we personally wanted to explain to you why we’ve decided to put up our prices, and how we believe that this will help us to provide you with an even better product both in terms of features, reliability and customer service.

We’re trying to do this the right way; the StatusCake way.

We’re grandfathering current prices for all our paid StatusCake users forever – you’ll continue to pay the same amount that you’ve always paid, except that we’ll be adding even more features, even more customer service. More bang for your buck! And if you’re not already on a paid plan don’t worry. If you sign-up up for a paid plan prior to the new prices taking effect on 29th November you’ll still be grandfathered in at the current prices for the lifetime of your subscription.

Pricing remains simple, easy-to-understand and transparent. We’re not creating new types of plans – accounts and functionality will remain the same across each of our free, Basic, Superior and Business plans which will increase to £5.99 / $9.49 (Basic), £14.99 / $24.49 (Superior) and £49.99 / $74.49 (Business) per month.

Putting up our prices allows us to spend more money on doing the things that matter most to you. More features, improving reliability and even better customer support. How do we know you want this? Our Customer Survey results tell us. You told us what mattered to you. We’ve listened.

We hope that you understand our reasons and share our vision of how it will help improve StatusCake for the wider community.

James Barnes & Daniel Clarke

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