Partnership Promotion Strategy for More SaaS Affiliate Commissions in 2020

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative marketing channel for freelancers, bloggers and social media marketers to make money online with very small risk and with high monetary rewards. Digital marketers can create a viable business online without having to make big cash investments or having to borrow working capital to start a business on the internet, all that is required is dedication and passion to promote and sell other companies’ products and services in 2020.

Affiliates today can choose from a wide range of product verticals and digital stores to promote in their affiliate websites, blogs and social media channels. To meet this demand, affiliate networks offer hundreds of companies to partner with in popular product verticals such as fashion, electronics, travel and software products – SaaS Products. Digital marketers then have to decide who they want to connect with and also partner with the right advertiser that best fit the affiliate website’s audience.

In order for affiliates to drive great sales results and earn high commissions in 2020, affiliates must have a good strategy in place to hit their own monthly commission goals and grow their acquisition campaigns. Therefore, is fundamental for digital marketers running affiliate marketing campaigns to be very targeted when promoting an affiliate merchant’s product or service by promoting merchants offers that are relevant and will be interesting to the affiliate’s website users.

SaaS Affiliate Partnerships A Great Marketing Opportunity in 2020 for Marketers

Affiliate marketing has become a vital customer acquisition channel for traditional product verticals and there are today thousands of programs on offer catering to most product verticals. Therefore, digital marketers have plenty of options to choose from and more recently with the popularity of Software-As-A-Service products there is a new high paying commission making opportunity available to affiliates with SaaS Affiliate programs.

Software As A Service – SaaS products allows for the distribution of applications of third-party providers to customers over the internet as opposed to the past practice for software companies having to install the software physically on the customers computer. Also, the SaaS distribution model allows for any new functionality’s updates rolled out to all subscribers over the internet in real time, in addition to this, there are excellent commercial advantages for promoting SaaS Affiliate Programs.

Reasons for Promoting SaaS Partner Affiliate Programs

The SaaS product vertical constant growth offers digital marketers with a great business opportunity to monetise their website traffic and earn high commissions in 2020 by promoting software products that are needed on a daily basis by online organisations and businesses alike. As more and more websites are built, this is a market that will keep growing into the future as more processes go digital and are served over the internet together with the increase in online shopping.

The high demand for innovate digital solutions has opened up a new opportunity for affiliates all over the world as these services can be promoted and sold over the internet. The SaaS Partner and SaaS Affiliate space will keep growing in 2020 with the opportunity for marketers to promote a wide range of software products and services over the internet as diverse as Webhosting, CRM tools, Marketing Software, Accounting Software and Uptime and Website Monitoring services.

For example, StatusCake is a SaaS company that provides website uptime and performance monitoring services to clients worldwide, its alerting tools send website managers alerts if the site goes down or if their websites are experiencing problems with slow page load or having interruptions.

Choose the Right SaaS Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliates looking to start promoting SaaS companies should consider the type of product or service that best fits their audience and how promoting these services they help consumers resolve a problem or technical demand that they may have. There are today many SaaS companies offering all types of Service As A Software services, for example, Salesforce provides sales and CRM applications, Quickbooks for accounting software, Optimizely for customer experience optimization. Therefore, affiliates can choose to focus on promoting one advertiser or even create a cluster of similar companies to promote in their websites.

Affiliates should look for partner programs that pay recurrent commission and for the lifetime of the customer.  SaaS services are subscription-based businesses where customers sign up to a paid subscription and renewed it monthly or annually, so, when an affiliate delivers a new customer he gets paid not only once but every time the subscription is renewed and making it a profitable passive income stream for the long term.

SaaS affiliate partner programs also offer high commissions and depending on the product that you promote the affiliate gets pay high monthly commissions every time they send a customer. 

SaaS companies offer in most cases a free trial service to entice new potential users to test the product and if they are happy with its features then upgrade to the paid version. Having a free trial version helps affiliates to get new leads of potential new customers. StatusCake offers a free basic service to its customers and offers the option to upgrade easily to one of the paid full versions.

Affiliate customer support is also very important to consider when looking to join an affiliate program as large affiliate networks have hundreds of merchants and affiliates to deal with and understandably the level of support that they can offer them is very limited.

Leverage Different Traffic Sources – Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates monetise their blog traffic via affiliate marketing by promoting the merchant’s products and services in their blog. One of the simplest ways to do this is to write a product review that explains the advantages and disadvantages about the product or service on offer. You can also write product comparisons where the affiliate reviews no just one but several product suppliers, the objective is to create content that is engaging and offers genuine information and value to its readers. In turn your visitors will follow your advice, click on your tracking link and make the purchase and in this way generating a commission for you.

As you create valuable content, you’ll start to be trusted by your visitors and also start getting recommend to other users as well. To become a successful blogger, you must be honest and ready to answer any questions that your audience may have along with quality and valuable advice from you. Affiliates can set up a blog quite easily in order to start building traffic from the search engines, visitors from other blogs, forums and social media channels but the key to achieve this is via quality content.

The next step is to start promoting affiliate programs by joining a high paying affiliate program that also pays for recurrent commissions.

Twitter to Create Own Affiliate Audience

A simple and easy way for affiliates to generate traffic is by using Twitter as it allows marketers to build their own audience. Start building your own potential pool of customers by following Twitter users and engaging with them by posting relevant and useful content for example product offers and new product features.

Using Twitter for affiliate marketing will help you increase your brand awareness  as you communicate regularly with your followers, get trusted by them and in the future these users will become your business partners or even purchase products or services that you promote. So, keep posting engaging content with useful advice to your followers and also retweet advice from other trusted users

Email Marketing for Affiliates

This a great marketing channel to promote your affiliate offers with a well-designed newsletter to drive traffic to your website or landing page featuring the offer. Your website is the best place to start building your newsletter list by adding a simple sign up form to keep your users updated with offers and promotions and start growing your email list from day one.

There are a number of options available to affiliates to build their subscribers list, but before you start emailing users, the affiliate must first get the permission from the users, also, called opting in order to get emails from you. Affiliates must also allow for users to unsubscribe or opting out from receiving future emails.

Affiliates can use a number of ways to start building their mailing list, for example, by placing an opt-in form in the footer of the website, place a form at the end of an article, another simple ways is to Include a link in your email signature that goes to a landing page where users can sign for your mailing list, another popular method is to use exit-intent pop-up.

Optimise Your Affiliate Website for SaaS Sales

In order to improve your website performance and also to maximise your affiliate sales and commissions, affiliates must ensure that the website is optimised, and product pages are optimised for conversions. By optimising your website you’ll maximise the possibility of getting your visitors to buy your products and services once they arrive to the designated product pages.

There is nothing more frustrating for online shoppers than a slow loading website, therefore, you have to ensure that your site loads fast, you want to avoid a bad customer experience and also avoid being penalised by the search engines affecting your website’s rankings. A slow website means less visitors, less potential customers and commissions for you. You can improve your website speed by having the right web hosting plan, make your images are SEO friendly and keep your website clean of unnecessary scripts amongst many other things. You can check the speed of your website with StatusCake free tool! Optimising your product pages will improve your affiliate marketing results and drive more commissions from your SaaS partner programs.

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