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Launched today, SafeAlert from is a new feature which protects your website against malware and viruses.  This new feature is free for anyone with a paid StatusCake website monitoring account.

Scan it, find it, remove it!

How do you know if your website is safe and clean from viruses and malware?   If your website is hacked and malicious code is injected into it, not only are you putting the safety of your visitors at risk, but you could potentially risk ruining your business, reputation and brand.  After all any visitor who discovers that your website is infected will click-away from your website and go to one of your competitors – they’re unlikely to return.  A business and brand can take many years to build up, but can be destroyed so easily.

We recognize the importance of your online reputation.  Not only in making sure you know when your website is up and functioning properly – alerting you to website downtime, but that it’s also a safe place for your visitors to come to.  And we don’t believe that you should pay over the odds for protecting your website – which is why we provide this service for free to anyone with a paid StatusCake account.

As with our website monitoring service you can add an unlimited number of websites to be scanned by SafeAlert.  Compare this to McAfee who charge £42.13 per month for 1-4 websites, and Comodo Hacker Proof who charge you £115.49 per month for 1 website only.

Why are we offering this service for free to all of our StatusCake paid account holders?  Because we believe that not everyone can afford the expensive alternatives, and why should protecting your reputation and visitors from malware and viruses only be available to the large corporate websites!

Regular Monitoring from AlertSafe

Setting up SafeAlert is quick-and-easy to do.  Just add a website to our monitoring service and provided you’ve got a paid website monitoring account the safety feature will automatically check your website for viruses and malware when it carries out its monitoring for performance and downtime.  So if we’re checking your website every minute for downtime, this is how regularly we’re checking for viruses and malware.

Alert Safe – Informing you immediately of any Threat

If AlertSafe does detect a threat to your site from viruses or malware you’ll immediately be notified by email – so make sure you have a valid email address set-up in the system. The SafeAlert notification will set-out the precise location of the threat so you can immediately take action to remove the malicious code from your site.

A Clean Reputation

We hope that most of our customers will be fortunate enough not to suffer attacks from hackers or have viruses or malware planted on their sites.  For those customers whose website is clean you’ll receive a weekly SafeAlert email informing you that your website is safe-and secure.  And if you want to show your customers that you take the threat of viruses and malware seriously, and that your website is a safe place for them to visit, then users of SafeAlert can add a “Monitored by SafeAlert” icon to their website – indicating that the website is checked for, and free from risk.

If you’d like to know more about SafeAlert or any of our StatusCake services then as ever please either contact us on the StatusCake website or through the live-chat function on the bottom of your screen.

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