Improved Public Reporting Pages


We’ve just released a large update for the public reporting pages. This update adds several new features while also improving the overall design and usability of this popular feature.


You are now able to push live announcements on your public page. This announcements section allows you to add text about a current or historic downtime, explain the best channels of support or just introduce your public reporting page. You have full control over what to place in the announcements section and it supports a full range of customisations.

Refreshed Design

The public reporting pages we’re starting to look a little dated so we’ve brought the design up the modern standards and made the entire system responsive. We’ve also removed the need to page between pages to get more detailed information on each test – simply click an item in the table and the extended information will show. You are now also able to customise the colours in a greater degree of control.

Password Protection

If you want to only allow certain users to have access to your public reporting, then you are now able to password protect your page. Before any data is shown the end user must insert the password you set. This feature is for our paid users only.

Increased Speed

We’ve also increased the overall speed of the public reports so that your visitors will be waiting less time in general.

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