Talking Windows – New Ad Campaign Targets Sleeping Commuters

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German broadcaster Sky Deutschland has unveiled a new ad campaign which aims to target commuters as they fall asleep on the train,  by quite literally, getting insider their heads.

Created by advertising agency BBDO, the ad campaign is transmitted via kit which is attached to the windows, with the vibrations of the ad being transmitted into the inner ear as it passes through the skull – a technique known as bone conduction.

First unveiled at the Cannes Lions advertising festival earlier this year, the project “The Talking Window” suggests that this is how advertising could look in the future – not only with online advertising but outdoor traditional marketing as well.   “Welcome to the advertising world of Minority Report” claims BBDO – a reference to Stephen Speilberg’s 2002 film-noir which predicted highly personalised, advanced ads by 2054, the year in which the film was set.

The first test campaign used ads for the Sky Go” encouraging those leaning on the windows to download the app on their smartphones.  The ad agency said not only could the technology be used for advertising, but could be used to provide tired commuters with travel or weather information.

The use of bone conduction technology is not new.  Classical composer Beethoven used the technology upon going deaf, to allow him to hear his music, by attaching one end of a rod to his piano and resting the other end against his skull.  Modern hearing aids and headphones also use this technology, with Google Glass also said to be making use of it.

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