The Best Affiliate Programs in 2019 For Web Designers, Bloggers and Digital Marketers

New businesses go online every year and along the main digital channels of SEO, PPC, Newsletter Marketing, and Social Media; online businesses have an important and cost-effective customer acquisition channel in affiliate marketing. 

Internet businesses require a simple and effective way to onboard digital professionals to help them sell their products and services online, while at the same time affiliate marketers need a straightforward way to monetise their online presence and earn commissions from the traffic, they drive to these affiliate websites. The solution to both online businesses and digital marketers is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing enables online businesses and affiliates to connect and start promoting the merchant’s services and in turn the affiliate gets paid a commission.

By joining an affiliate program, web designers and bloggers can start monetising their traffic with their affiliate website, newsletter database and social media presence. They promote the advertiser with product banners, add product comparisons and write product/services reviews all tracked by adding affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing is growing year on year with expected revenue growth of 10% and is predicted that spend on affiliate marketing is likely to reach US$8.2 billion by 2022.  It’s popularity today is that it involves little investment for web designers, bloggers, and digital marketers while offering them flexibility by getting paid commissions working from home. For advertisers is also a straightforward and cost-effective online acquisition channel.

Affiliate Programs for Web Designers and Bloggers and How They Compare

We have put below a number of affiliate programs including Domain Affiliate Programs, Webhosting Affiliate Programs, SSL Affiliate Programs and Website Monitoring Affiliate Programs. We also explain how you can further monetise your social media presence and online traffic by joining our affiliate program, StatusCake Partners to promote our website monitoring services. 

StatusCake Partners is our inhouse affiliate program dedicated to the promotion of StatusCake Uptime, Server, Domain, SSL and Page Speed monitoring services. Our affiliate program is an innovative SaaS affiliate program offering 30% recurrent lifetime commission to its affiliates which complements the offering of both domain and web hosting affiliate programs.

Domain Affiliate Programs

One of the easiest ways for affiliate sites to monetise their traffic is to partner with a number of domain registrar affiliate services for example; Godaddy, Namecheap and Simply put, a domain name is your website name, is the address where online users can access your website on the internet and where they transact with you by subscribing to a service or purchasing online.

These domain registrars offer in their affiliate program over 900 international domain extensions. This type of affiliate marketing is one of the growing and very lucrative online businesses opportunities in the world. Digital marketers can use affiliate marketing to make money online by promoting various digital services including domain registering services from any of these programs. Once you have been accepted as an affiliate, you’ll be able to use banners with your unique tracking links and start earning commissions. 

Domain affiliate programs offer commission rates that range from 10% and up to 15% with some programs but only pay you commissions with the first purchase. There are other programs that just pay affiliates a fixed sum that varies between $1, $5 and $10 per registration and depending on the type of domain and only once.

This means that you only receive a commission for a first-time order made by a new customer. By contrast StatusCake Partners offers its affiliates 30% recurring lifetime commission, this means that you are paid every time your customers place an order for life!

With many domain affiliates programs, you have to login and request a commission payment. That’s not the case with StatusCake partners as we email you a summary of your earned commissions and pay you automatically, also, affiliates have access to real time reports just by logging in.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Bloggers and website owners all over the world have found affiliate marketing to be a viable way to sustain their internet businesses financially. In addition to promoting domain registrar companies they can also earn commissions by promoting web hosting services. There are many web hosting affiliate programs out there but mainly offer a flat commission structure, starting from $50 per sale and up to $500 depending on the hosting plan. However, only a small number of programs pay even a small recurrent commission.

When you join StatusCake Partners you get to earn 30% recurring lifetime commission on any of our paid plans as opposed to just one payment offered by web hosting affiliate programs. StatusCake plans offers both monthly and annual subscriptions to its customers and with a high basket value this is a great opportunity to monetise your affiliate website. By promoting StatusCake Uptime Monitoring, Page Speed, SSL and Domain Monitoring Services you earn 30% commission for the lifetime of your referred customers.

To help you acquire new customers StatusCake offers a free trial which allows new customers to test the monitoring tools and can track up to 10 websites. These alerts let the customer know if their website is down or having connectivity issues and also includes downtime analysis. These downtime alerts are sent via email, SMS, third party apps such as Slack, Telegram, and many more. The free plan also offers 1-page speed test, which helps web site owners to monitor how fast their website loads and use this report to improve page load time.

StatusCake Partners website monitoring affiliate program is an innovative and easy way for bloggers, webmasters, and web developers to have an additional revenue stream to their existing affiliate business, a new digital business that complements their product offering and offers a reliable commission.

We welcome affiliates from all geographies and digital backgrounds, the affiliate program is free to join, and we offer dedicated affiliate support via email, telephone, and Skype. Join now!

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