Zapier Set Ups – Automatically export uptime data to Google Sheets


Ever wanted to keep a backup of StatusCake data without manual entry or usage of the API? This article will take you through a different and automated method of doing so for the Up and Down test alerts. This is done with the help of the Zapier service, and the data will be stored in Google Sheets.


It’s easy to set up automated input of your downtime data to Google Sheets through Zapier. Each time that a website goes down, a new row can be added to your spreadsheet, and another row will be added when it comes back up. This gives you a great raw record of your downtimes, and this data can be retained for as long as you choose.

The Zapier integration can grab info from each alert, including the test’s name, the UP/DOWN status, the time of the alert, the location that the testing came from, and the status code that was present.

You can choose exactly how you want the spreadsheet to be formatted when creating the Zap, and which details should be included, when this is completed you’ll see the up and down alerts looking something like the above in your spreadsheet.

If you would like to give this Zap configuration a try, you should use StatusCake as the “Trigger” and Google Sheets as the action, it’s just these 2 steps that would be required.


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