This week the StatusCake team are going to be at the following events.  Get in touch by email us or live chat on the StatusCake website if you’d like to meet us.

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Influx Roadshow, Amsterdam

Our dev ops team will be at the Influx Roadshow in Amsterdam this Wednesday.  The team are looking forward to meeting other developers who use InfluxDB, the time series database platform.  The focus will be looking at how other Influx customers use the database, taking a look at InfluxDB’s new cloud offering, as well as their product roadmap.

Thursday 14th November 2019

Big Data LDN, London

Our CEO James Barnes will be at Big Data LDN talking with and learning from leading data and analytics experts and teams about what “big data” really means in practice, what an effective customer focused data-driven strategy might look like, and how to deliver that vision.

 Twilio Engage & Superclass, London

James will also be at Twilio’s Engage conference with Mario Giraldo, head of StatusCake Partners on Thursday afternoon where the focus is not only on looking at the way in which we engage and communicate with our own customers through using products and technologies similar to Twilio’s, but also how we can build out our own innovative customer engagement strategies and experiences using APIs.

 New Age of DevOps, London

Our head of tech Hemm Kerrai will be at the New Age of DevOps events by Women in DevOps and hosted by Conde Nast.

The event will feature a panel includes: Fudma Mohammed, software engineer at Conde Nast; Susie Colman, senior software engineer at BBC; Gabrielle Anderson, senior site reliability engineer at Google; and Anna Szyoyi, engineering manager at Improbable.

Saturday 16th November 2019

GDG DevFest London 2019, London

Hemm Kerrai will be attending the GDG DevFest event in London this coming Saturday.  Hosted by Google, and King College London Tech Society the Devfest is a multrack event looking at everything from emerging technologies, mobile, and cloud and machine learning.

If you’d like to meet the team and arrange a meeting at any of these events please email us.

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