This week the are going to be at the following events.  Do please get in touch by email us or by live chat on the StatusCake website if you’d like to meet us.

Monday 14th October 2019

Business Ideas & The Best Internet Strategies to Start Your Business

Mario Giraldo our Head of Partnerships will be the meet-up this evening hoping to meet individuals and companies that are looking to start a business online or already have a business and are looking to find more customers or other ways of monetising their traffic.

Thursday 17th October 2019

HireCon: Tech Skills Summit, London

Hemm Kerrai our head of tech will be at the HireCon: Tech Skills Summit at the Oval Space this coming Thursday.  We currently have multiple roles open at StatusCake for PHP and GoLang devs as well as a DevOps so if you’d like to meet and discuss any of those opportunities email us to arrange a time to meet.

DevOps Underground – 2 Presentations: Kubernetes Ingress & DevOps and Microservices Better Together

Our dev team will be at the Skills Matter DevOps Underground meet-up on Thursday evening.  The meet-up has two presentations; the first from Mark Boddington looking at the history of containers and have Docker has become the go-to app for application packaging.  It will also look at Kubernetes and how this has itself become top dog, beating Docker even, for all things orchestration and finishing off looking at the Ingress Specification and the NGINX Ingress Controller.

The second presentation by Sean Farmer “DevOps & Microservices Better Together” takes a look at what it takes to successfully transform your DevOps team and functions.  Looking at everything from testing and deploying work, how your DevOps team works within the wider business teams, and how you can reduce the lead time of rolling out those all important new features.  The presentation will help you identify what things might hold you back, and what you can do to overcome those obstacles and succeed.

Speakers: @farmar & Mark Boddington of @nginx.

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