Today we’ve launched two new changes that will be beneficial to our users in the country of Denmark, you can read about what’s been added below:

New Copenhagen based monitoring servers

We’ve added several new monitoring servers to cover Denmark and these are based in the city of Copenhagen, all paid users will now be able to select this location when setting up a test – it’s as easy as selecting Europe -> Denmark/Copenhagen in the test’s settings.

We hope that users find the ability to test from this new location useful, and remember if there’s a location you need that we don’t have it’s always worth getting in touch via our live support to let us know!

New payment currency – Danish Krone

We know that pricing in US dollars isn’t great for everyone. First off with exchange rates in such flux nowadays, If the US dollar is strong it makes us more expensive.

Secondly by being tied to another currency it’s likely that you’re paying a slightly different amount each month, and third maybe your debit or credit card company charges you a fee for making USD transactions.

We’ve made life simpler on this front recently by bringing in a wave of new payment currencies – and today we’re glad to announce that we will be introducing Danish Krone to enable our customers in Denmark to pay in their local currency! You’ll be able to pay in Danish Krone for our subscriptions on all terms, as well as additional SMS credits from here on in.

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