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You can now install our very own StatusCake app on any iOS or Android device. This means you can check your test status on the go wherever you are without needing to log into email or access the StatusCake site in a mobile view!

At launch the app covers Uptime, SSL and PageSpeed type tests, and you can view all of the important information for each type at a glance. All you will need to make use of this is your StatusCake username and API key.

For Uptime tests the app allows you to see the current Status, as well as other details such as the set check rate, the URL target of the test, the uptime percentage, the time of the last test, any tags that are assigned – and lots of other useful information. It’s also possible to pause tests through the app with a tap of the screen.


In the SSL section of the app you will see a summary of SSL certificates being monitored with StatusCake. At a glance you will be able to view the Certificate Score, Cipher Score and From/To Expiry date information for all SSL type tests within your StatusCake account.Untitled

You can also view Page Speed data within the app, Data will be shown on the tests in your account including which location the Speed Tests are running from, the latest load time and page size figures, and the total number of requests completed during the last check.image_from_ios_iphone8plussilver_portraitIn order to log in to the StatusCake app for Android and iOS you will need to obtain your username and API key from within the StatusCake account. Both of these details can be obtained within the User Details section of the account.  We hope you like the new app, and for any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team!


Grab the App for Android or iOS:




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