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Whether you’re a first time entrepreneur or seasoned-pro if you want to succeed in business you’ll never stop learning.

As start-up founders we’re fortunate enough today to have a great start-up community where knowledge is not only freely shared, but is accessible to everyone.  Knowledge and how to succeed doesn’t need to come with a price-tag attached.

Some of the best sources of wisdom and knowledge for entrepreneurs are blogs written by venture capitalists.  These VCs, often former start-up founders themselves, not only give insights on how they view the world, industry trends and what they look for in investments, but more often than not it’s the posts on the mistakes that can be avoided that are the most valuable.

Here we share just 5 of our must-read VC blogs that you should be reading on a regular basis:

Tomasz TunguzTomasz Tunguz - 5 Must Read VC Blogs

Having joined Redpoint venture capital in 2008 from Google Ad Sense, Tomasz Tunguz has made investments into start-ups such as Expensify, Looker, and Axial. He’s a prolific blogger and his data-driven blog-posts are a go-to for wisdom on everything SaaS, sales and marketing, fundraising and more.

Twitter: @ttunguz







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Christoph Janz - 5 Must Read VC BlogsChristoph Janz

Based out of Germany & West Coast America Christoph Janz is an internet entrepreneur having co-founded, now a seasoned SaaS investor.  The managing partner at Point Nine Capital his investments include Zendesk, Geckoboard and ChartMogul.  His blog, The Angel VC, is a must-read for new and battle hardened start-up founders alike.

Twitter: @chrija






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Jason M Lemkin - 5 Must Read VC Blogs

Jason M. Lemkin

Living in San Francisco Jason Lemkin was the co-founder of EchoSign, the digital signature software company sold to Adobe in July 2011.  He is perhaps best known for his blog posts via the cult-status SaaStr community and on Quora where he is one of the most active posters sharing his learning on taking a start-up from $0 to $100m ARR

Twitter: @jasonlk





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Bryon Deeter - 5 Must Read VC Blogs

Byron Deeter

Based out in California Bryon Deeter is a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.  One of the leading venture capital firms in the SaaS space his investments include Twilio, Box, and Intercom.  Bryon is prolific on Twitter, via the website and through his interviews across a whole range of industry outlets.

Twitter: @bdeeter







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David Skok - 5 Must Read VC BlogsDavid Skok

Out of Cambridge Massachusetts David Skok is a partner at Maxtrix Partners.  Like many of the VCs in our must-read 5 he successfully ran his own companies before becoming a venture capitalist and now sits on the board of invested companies such as HubSpot.  His blog forEntreprenuers was voted #2 on the Forbes List of 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @BostonVC






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