5 surprising things you might not know about StatusCake


We have the fastest check rates on the market

Yep, you read that right, THE fastest. Like the Usain Bolt of check rates, just without the Olympic gold medal to back it up (but it’s safe to say that if there was a gold medal for quickest check rates, we would win gold). 

So what does this actually mean? 

It means that your website will be checked almost constantly; every 30 seconds depending on the plan that you pick. This eliminates the risk of potential customers finding your site offline and the potential chance of you losing conversions and revenue. Lets face it, the sooner you know that your website has gone down, the better. Happy days.

Our customers range from small, medium, and large businesses

There’s a common misconception when it comes to website monitoring suites and that is that “only large companies” will need it. This is a myth. ALL companies that have a website need to be monitored because downtime doesn’t discriminate, after all, it even happens to Google

That’s not all, you might be more likely to suffer from domain, server, page speed, or SSL issues if you’re a new website and unsure if you’ve set up the backend correctly. We’ll check all of this for you, regardless of your size! Better yet, if you are a start-up and you’re trying to keep costs down, we offer a free-for-life monitoring plan that gives you the fundamentals to getting the most out of your website (and when we say free, we mean free). 

We have one of the fastest customer service response times 

In this day and age, we feel that customers should get an answer to a question, query, or problem as soon as possible and that’s why we pride ourselves on having one of the fastest response times out of all of our competitors. 

We offer both instant chat and email services allowing our customers or prospective customers the chance to speak to us directly and there’s no bot in sight! Actual people are so rare these days.

We monitor from 43 locations in 30 different countries 

One of the biggest advantages of using the StatusCake website monitoring suite is that you get a huge offering of locations for your testing. For example, if you’re a USA based company but you want to know if your website is down in the UK, you can set up those tests within minutes. 

The reason why we offer so many different locations in different continents is because website downtime isn’t binary. Just because your website is online in Canada doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be online in the US. But the hardest part for you, as the website owner, is knowing when this has happened, especially as most companies don’t have people sitting there manually checking if a website is online across the world. Enter StatusCake! 

We are one of the most cost-effective alternatives to our competitors 

We believe in giving everyone the tools they need to make their website function to the best of its ability and that’s why our price points are hugely competitive. If you compare us to the alternatives to StatusCake, you will see that we offer great prices for the full suite of website monitoring features including server, page speed, SSL, domain and uptime monitoring, with a huge amount of tests and quick check rates. Don’t take our word for it! And don’t forget, you can always use our free plan, which offers you everything you need to get started.

These are just 5 surprising things you might not have known about us, there’s a whole heap of other things. Want to find out more? You can sign up to a free trial, or free account, or you can even drop us a message and chat to us further! 

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