Affiliate Websites and Merchants, Are You Ready for Black Friday 2019?


What is Black Friday?

The name originated in the US and it was given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving Day, which is the fourth Thursday in November with many Americans on holiday the following day.  As most people are off work on the Friday following Thanksgiving, shops started cutting prices to entice customers just for one day and get the Christmas shopping season underway.

One reason mentioned for it to be called Black Friday was that as there was a marked increase in the number of traffic accidents with shoppers driving to the stores, the police named it Black Friday after the congestion created in the streets and shopping malls. Another reason to be called Black Friday was given by retailers in the past as they saw their highest profits during this day and hence marked them with black links to show profits and red ink to mark losses.

But it was really with the arrival of the internet and online shopping 15 years ago that the name steadily took off as many online retailers started promoting sales during Black Friday. Online retailers started advertising big discounts for Black Friday sales with both online and regular offline retailers fighting to get a share of the biggest shopping day of the year.

This year, Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season all over the world with the actual sales expected to start earlier on the Monday and being marketed as Black Friday week by retailers. Many online retailers are even starting to promote Black Friday deals since mid-October!

So, it looks like the Black Friday season in 2019 is going to be longer than in previous years, with many online retailers offering once again highly discounted goods a month in advance

It means that online stores will have to prepare their websites to manage the incoming increase in traffic over a longer period of time. Retailers also want to monitor their website transactions such as login forms, signup forms, and e-commerce checkout forms in order to minimise financial losses and save their reputation.

When is Black Friday in 2019?

Yes, is that time of the year again for both affiliate websites and online merchants to start preparing for Black Friday 2019. With Black Friday having become the biggest shopping event of the year and now running not only for one day but for almost the whole of November.

Is expected that in 2019, Black Friday will run for longer as retailers start to promote their deals in advance with the aim to beat the competition. Customers can expect to get great deals, bargains, and big discounts for a longer period of time this year and make some big savings along the way!

Black Friday in 2019 will take place on Friday 29th November with many online retailers planning to start offering big discounts and special deals two and even three weeks before Black Friday and continuing until at least Cyber Monday.

This is a great opportunity for website affiliates to maximise their earning potential by promoting StatusCake website monitoring services and help online retailers and merchants prepare for the biggest shopping weeks of 2019. Merchants need to be 100% confident that their websites are up and able to monitor micro-downtime during this key sales period of the year. Join StatusCake Partners and start earning 30% Lifetime commission from all your referred customers.

Maximise Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns for Black Friday

Black Friday is once again the biggest ecommerce day of 2019 and offers affiliate marketers a unique opportunity for commissions to be maximised as Black Friday has become the main sales event and a time for affiliates to deliver high sales volumes. The main reason for this marked increase in sales is that in just a couple of days, merchants from all retail sectors offer incredible deals and big discounts as well as Black Friday discount codes to be redeemed during the day.

Merchants must ensure that their websites are ready for the increase in the number of visitors and traffic to their sites and affiliate websites must be ready too to communicate to their readers the deals and discounts on offer to increase affiliate sales during this peak period.

Affiliates should start creating content in advance of Black Friday to boost search engine rankings and get more organic traffic to the different merchant pages that are being promoted. Ensuring that both the title pages and onsite content is optimised and updated, original and relevant content for Black Friday deals.

Affiliate marketers should also communicate the offers as soon as they get them from their merchants, this could be done via email newsletters, onsite by customising the homepage specifically for Black Friday week, and also by posting regularly different deals via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Black Friday week is a great opportunity for affiliates to go the extra mile and push their merchants offers more regularly and with additional media exposure. A good idea is for affiliates to request an increase in the commission rate in exchange for additional exposure and also offer additional advertising packages including newsletter inclusions, homepage takeovers, and push notifications.

Affiliate websites should ensure in advance the length of the cookie duration as having a long cookie increases the possibility of converting a click into a sale. For example, StatusCake Partners offers its affiliates a long cookie duration of 30 days and it means that all the customers that are sent from your website to StatusCake and makes a purchase within 30 days, you get paid the commission.

Black Friday a Great Opportunity to Promote Website Uptime Monitoring Services

According to Adobe Analytics, Black Friday 2018 in the US delivered US$6.22 billion in online sales, up 23.6% from the previous year with online traffic for Black Friday increasing by 10% – 344 Million visits to the top 100 retail sites in the US according to Similarweb.

Online retailers must prepare the right levels of inventory and have in place its customer support service team to be able to cope with the increase in demand during Black Friday which has now become the busiest day in the shopping calendar.

Online stores, therefore, need a strategic plan to deal with critical technical issues should they arise and have online systems ready to resolve any incidents with the increase in traffic volumes and online transactions to their online stores.

StatusCake website performance monitoring services and uptime tests ensure that retailer’s websites and servers are up and running without any issues during the biggest sales week of the year! StatusCake also sends you alerts when server thresholds are exceeded enabling you to resolve quickly any issues, keeping customers from leaving your website, and avoiding downtime that can affect their shopping experience.

StatusCake Partners Helps Affiliate Websites Monetise Black Friday

Joining StatusCake Partners is very simple and straightforward, affiliates simply sign up FREE for the program by visiting in order to start promoting our website uptime and monitoring services. StatusCake Partners reviews each application and approves them soon afterwards. We accept affiliate applications from any country and also welcome traffic from any geographies.

Once accepted in the affiliate program, you can start using the marketing materials supplied, for example, banners and text links with your unique tracking URL. Once a user registers and purchases one of StatusCake monitoring services using that URL, the affiliate then earns a commission.

When affiliates join our affiliate program, they get their own affiliate account and personal login id. Our affiliate tracking program uses precise and unique tracking methods delivering an accurate affiliate program to our partners. We want to ensure that our affiliates are rewarded for all the sales they have delivered from their affiliate website, social media follow, and blogging campaigns.

Our affiliate program offers a long duration cookie of 30 days, it means that when a customer comes from your website to StatusCake, and then makes a purchase within 30 days, the affiliate gets paid 30% commission for this sale.  The time when a new customer clicks on a StatusCake link and then goes on to subscribe to one of the paid plans can be a number of days, our affiliate tracking software takes this into account and awards the commission up to 30 days from the moment the first click took place.

StatusCake Partners affiliate program is FREE to join, we welcome affiliate applications from all parts of the world and also accept traffic from all geographies. Our affiliate program offers a high paying lifetime commission rate of 30% for any of the paid subscription plans. Once your affiliate account has been approved, is very easy to get started, you can add your text tracking link or any of the promotional banners provided for you right away.

As a StatusCake Partners affiliate you also get the opportunity to earn recurrent commissions for life of the client, so you keep earning commissions every time the user renews the subscription to StatusCake website monitoring services. This combined with the high order basket value for our services creates a real affiliate opportunity to generate high and recurrent monthly commissions.

The start of the biggest shopping season of 2019 offers affiliate websites a great opportunity to make the most for the demand in website monitoring and security services starting now and until the end of the Christmas shopping season. Affiliates therefore should start reaching out and targeting online stores and help them to prepare for Black Friday.

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