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statuscake offers website owners and web-masters the best website monitoring available.  So if you’re looking for an alternative to then StatusCake is the monitoring service for you.

At StatusCake we recognise not everyone needs, or can afford, a premium website monitoring service.  We believe however that a free service should not mean that you have to compromise on functionality, features or customer service.  That’s why StatusCake’s free website monitoring service is the best around.

You can see below how StatusCake compares with the free monitoring offered by  StatusCake not only allows you to monitor more URLs and websites for uptime – in fact StatusCake offers unlimited monitoring, but StatusCake will check your website every 5 minutes for downtime, whereas BinaryCanary will only check your website very quarter of an hour.

Free Website Monitoring StatusCake
Monthly Cost   Free Free
Websites Monitored 5 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 15 Minutes 5 Minutes

If you’re a website owner that needs more regular uptime monitoring checks, or would like more features, then a paid website monitoring plan is what you’ll be looking for.

Premium Website Monitoring – More Downtime Checks & Features StatusCake
Monthly Cost   $20 (Hyper Plan) $19.99 (Business)
Websites Monitored 100 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 1 Minute 30 Seconds
Free SMS Credits 100 (On Sign-Up) Unlimited (Every Month)

As well as offering more features and more regular downtime checks for less money than BinaryCanary; StatusCake also offers for free real user monitoring and performance testing tools.

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