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If you’re looking for the best alternative to Host-Tracker’s website monitoring service then is the place for you.

Free Uptime Monitoring

At StatusCake we know there are a variety of reasons why some customer’s will always want to use a free uptime monitoring tool.  That’s why our free community plan allows you to monitor up to 10 websites on a 5 minute check rate absolutely free of charge – that’s free forever.  So if you’re currently paying for Host-Tracker’s “Webmaster Plan” you could come across to StatusCake for absolutely nothing.  You can sign-up for a StatusCake free plan here.

A typical Host-Tracker customer with 100 uptime tests will pay over 296% more than a StatusCake customer.* 

If it’s premium paid-for website monitoring services you’re looking for, perhaps you want to add more websites for uptime availability, or more frequent monitoring checks, then StatusCake really comes into its own.  Unlike Host-Tracker, StatusCake allows you to capture short periods of downtime with 30 second check-rate being available on StatusCake Business plans, and the constant check-rate feature on StatusCake Enterprise capturing the smallest of micro-downtime.

You can sign-up for a free 7 trial of our paid plans – no commitment, no credit card details required – here.

Every Second Counts – Slow Websites Hurt Your Pocket

It’s not just capturing downtime that’s important.  A slow loading website directly hits your revenue.  Even a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% drop in conversions on your website.  Just as alarming almost 80% of shoppers dissatisfied with a website’s performance are less likely to buy from that site again.

StatusCake page-speed monitoring allows you to analyse data on load times for your website and individual pages. The detailed breakdown helps you identified log-jams in your page-load, and you get alerted when thresholds on load time and page size are exceeded.

StatusCake is more than just uptime monitoring…

With every StatusCake paid plan you get more than just website monitoring.  Each plan offers server monitoring, SSL monitoring, domain monitoring, and virus scan.

Over 90% of our customers rate StatusCake support as “Great” or “Love It!”**

Unlike many of our competitors, Host-Tracker included, we try to resolve as many customer queries by live chat.  This means that whilst with you’re still waiting for them to acknowledge receipt of your ticket, we’ve already solved it!

* A StatusCake customer with 100 uptime tests pays $24.99 per month for a Superior plan, whereas a Host-Tracker customer would require an Enterprise account and would pay $99 per month – an increase of 296.15% (24th May 2018)

** Based on support ticket ratings period 1st March 2018 – 23rd May 2018.

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