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If you’re looking for the best alternative to ServiceUptime’s website monitoring service then is for you.

StatusCake, unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t limit the amount of websites or URLS that you’re able to monitor on its free plan. As such StatusCake is the only website monitoring to offer free unlimited website monitoring with uptime checks carried out every 5 minutes. This compares with 30 minute frequency checks on ServiceUptime where you’re also limited to monitoring only 1 website.

Free Website Monitoring

ServiceUptime StatusCake
Websites Monitored 1 Unlimited
Monitoring Frequency 30 Minutes 5 Minutes

And it’s not just StatusCake’s free plan that offers compelling value. If you’re looking for more frequent uptime checks, then these are available with StatusCake for just $9.99 per month versus $52.95 with Service Uptime. And don’t forget StatusCake still gives you unlimited website monitoring whereas with ServiceUptime you’d be restricted to only 3 websites with 1 minute checks.

Premium Website Monitoring – More Frequent Monitoring

ServiceUptime StatusCake
Monthly Cost $52.95 $24.99
Monitoring Frequency 1 Minute 1 Minute
Website Monitored 3 Unlimited

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