Articles: February 13, 2014

Alternative to

< 1 min read Are you a web master? Do you run your own ecommerce site?  Perhaps you write a blog?  If you do you’ll know that it’s important that when hard-earned visitors come to your site they find it up – there’s nothing worse for killing reputation than visitors coming to your website and finding it down. And

Alternative To Uptime Robot

2 min read If you’re looking for an alternative to Uptime Robot then is the perfect website monitoring service for you. Free Uptime Monitoring At StatusCake we know that some customers will want to make use of a free uptime monitoring tool.  Our free community plan is there for as long as you want it and comes with features

Alternative to

2 min read If you’re a website owner you’ll know all too well the importance of website monitoring.  You may also have checked out who offer both “Standard” website monitoring – which is their free plan, as well as their paid for, “Advanced” website monitoring. If you’re looking for the best alternative to Internetseer then is

Alternative to Montastic

< 1 min read Montastic advertises itself as “the free monitoring service that doesn’t suck.” we take a very different approach, we set our goals much higher than just not sucking. We believe that whether you’re using a free or a premium paid-for website monitoring service you should expect the gold standard when it comes to features and

Alternative To ServiceUptime

< 1 min read If you’re looking for the best alternative to ServiceUptime’s website monitoring service then is for you. StatusCake, unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t limit the amount of websites or URLS that you’re able to monitor on its free plan. As such StatusCake is the only website monitoring to offer free unlimited website monitoring with

Alternative to

2 min read If you’re looking for the best website monitoring service on the market, and a great alternative to then has the product just for you. Free Uptime Monitoring! At StatusCake we know that many customers may not need a paid plan, or want to spend an extended to time using a free uptime monitoring tool to

Alternative To

2 min read If you’re looking for an alternative to the website monitoring service provided by, then is the place for you. StatusCake’s compelling free monitoring not only packs the features of many premium services, but allows you to monitor an unlimited number of websites, URLs, IPS or ports. This compares with the hard limit placed

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