If you’re an online business you’ll know all too well that how your website performs – not only in uptime reliability  but speed of loading – directly affects your bottom line.  A website that is down can’t generate money for you!

As a website owner you want to be the first to know when your website is down – you don’t want to find out from angry customers.  But how do you know if your website is down or not?  That’s where a website monitoring service comes in. Such a service will alert you when your website is loading slowly, or worst still it’s gone down.

If you’re looking for an alternative to website monitoring provided by the is the uptime monitoring service for you.

Unlike Smartbear where you have to email for a quote for your website monitoring, we believe in our pricing being as transparent as possible, and affordable for everyone.  So whether you’re a blog owner looking for free website monitoring, or a corporate customer requiring 30 seconds checks, the ability to select the locations from our global network of monitoring centers on our business plan, then you’ll always know exactly how much – or rather how little – it’s going to cost you.

And at StatusCake it’s not only website monitoring we provide.  We also offer free real user monitoring to all our customers, as well as performance tools so you can run page-load tests to find any performance issues with your website – and we also give recommendations on tweaks you can make to the website page to improve its speed.

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