Downtime happens, it’s a fact of running a website – but understanding and logging what caused the downtime enables you to better react in the future. It’s with this in mind that today we’re happy to announce the addition of annotation on downtime. You are now able to go to any one of your tests and click a period (be it a downtime period or uptime) and annotate that downtime. This means that you or a member of your team can quickly find out what caused each time down you have historical on your site.

To annotate a span simply go to your control panel, click a test and then click a span within the “Status Periods” section. You can then enter any information you want about this span.

Beyond being useful as a tool for internal use you can also optionally share your annotations on your public reporting page. This means you no longer need to have random spans of downtime without an explanation but rather you can inform users if it was scheduled or what caused it. You don’t have to share your annotations publicly but doing so will help build trust among your users. To share your annotations simple:

  • Go to your public reporting group
  • Scroll down to the option “Annotations”
  • Select “Enable Annotations”
  • Save.


It’s that simple!

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