Improvements to Email Reports

It’s been about 5 months since we first launched our Weekly, Daily and Monthly Email Reports and in most regards it’s been a huge success with thousands of reports being sent out every day – but here at StatusCake we’re not the type to rest on our laurels. Today I’d like to introduce some changes we’re making to the reports.

Sleek New Design

We know looks aren’t everything, but they help! With this in mind we’ve introduced a brand new look which we hope will start to create a much more unified feel to the outbound emails we sent. We’ve also removed all remote images from the reports so you don’t need to enable remote content to be able to tell what sites are up and which are down, instead we’re relying on a simple colour coded system.

Separated Data

In the previous version of the public reports we gave you a long table of all your sites with no separation, this meant that you had to spend time trying to find tests with less than perfect uptime. With the new reports your tests are divided into ‘With Downtime’ and ‘Without Downtime’ so you can quickly get the information you need.

Global Uptime

We’ve also added in Global Uptime so you can see the uptime of your tests combined, this along with other key stats can be found at the top of the report.

Delivery Improvements

Previously our system sent all the reports in one big bulk, this in turn meant that the actual time you received your report fluctuated widely and we understand some users simply never received the reports at all. With the new reports we’re now running these reports in a batch system to ensure that you get your report around the same time every time – (roughly to the minute!) this means you can easily compare like for like on previous reports.

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