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The public reporting pages are a great way to let the world know how great your website uptime is – and it’s these public reporting pages which we have spent some time working on recently. We know from feedback that people don’t like the fact that they have to use the StatusCake domain to show their public reporting page.  So we’re happy to announce that from today you are now able to setup CNAMEs for public reporting pages.

How to set up CNAME

To setup a CNAME just point your domain to . Once you have pointed your domain you can go into the Users tab within your StatusCake website monitoring account and type the domain you wish to use.

Beyond the ability to use a CNAME for public reporting pages we’ve also spruced up the overall design and usability of the public reporting pages – and we’ve got a lot more coming soon (including the ability to privately share). Traditional non-CNAME’ed public reporting will remain in the old style into migration later this month (once all features are ported).

At StatusCake we’re always looking for all feedback and feature requests for the new public reporting page so please do get in touch via email, Twitter or Live Chat!

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