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Here at CakeHQ we do try to please everyone, but that is a difficult task when everyone has a different idea of what is idea for them. The single thing we get the most comments about is our outward email alert templates – some people want to have them in a pretty table, some prefer just the details and nothing else. Some would like to put their company logo on the emails and others want no images at all. With this in mind we got thinking – how can we solve this seemingly unsolvable problem?

It’s simple – Email Templating!

From today all our superior and business plan users can design how their email alerts look using the full power of HTML. This means you can design the emails exactly how you want them to look and even ensure they keep with your companies branding when your team gets an alert.

To edit a template simply go to your “Account Details” tab within StatusCake and select the new “Email Templates” button on the top row. The Email Templates page will list all current email templates we use along with their status (“Edited” or “Not Edited”). You can then jump right into a HTML editor with a live preview of what your email will look like.
In the past few hours we’ve also pushed forward a wide range of improvements, bug fixes and general tweaks to ensure a great service. If you have any comments or questions on this latest feature then please do get in touch!

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