Dealing With Website Downtime


Whether you’re a blogger, a small business or a large corporate organisation there are times when, no matter how many precautions you take, your website goes down.

Website downtime is not only a killer of your reputation, but of revenue as well.  Anyone who finds you website down may not only click away never to return, but may tell their friends and colleagues as well.

At we think it’s important that when your website goes down you’re the first to know.  Our website monitoring tools alert you the minute we find a problem with your website.

Quick and easy to use, you can have StatusCake up-and-running in seconds; no installation required.  Simply add the websites you’d like to be monitored and then set how you’d like downtime alerts to be sent to you.

We believe that being alerted to downtime is all about ensuring that you get the alerts how you want them, in the most convenient manner.  So if you’re away from your computer most of the day and don’t have access to email, then why not choose an SMS alert or a push notification?

There are all manner of ways to get alerts – email, Twitter, SMS as well as third party apps such as Pushbullet, Boxcar and Pushover.  You can also integrate StatusCake with services such as PagerDuty, Zapier and HipChat – and we’re adding more and more ways of making StatusCake easier to use all the time.

Whether you’re looking for free website monitoring, or a more feature rich monitoring experiencing with more regular checks there’s a StatusCake plan for you; and if you have any questions the StatusCake team are always here to help you.

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