Deploying to StatusCake with Terraform

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Terraform is a powerful tool which allows you to build, change, and version your infrastructure efficiently and absent any challenges. It supports a range of existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions.

Terraform has a strong set of features, including Infrastructure as code, Execution plans, Resource graphs, and Change automation. You can check out some common use cases for Terraform here.

The Terraform tool integrates directly with StatusCake for the addition of new tests and modification of existing data, this means that it’s possible to run your StatusCake operations entirely through Terraform if you wish. Below you can see an example for basic test addition.


This is going to be very useful if you already use Terraform for infrastructure management, and also constitutes a good alternative to using the API, rules, and configurations can be pre-set with Terraform giving you an extra level of safety and validation on the data that you submit.

The StatusCake API key and username will need to be sent with each request, so if you’d like to give this method a go, be sure to first grab the correct details from the User Details section of the StatusCake account. You can also find full details on how to configure Terraform with StatusCake here.

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