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The Christmas Shopping Season of 2019 is expected to break sales records over Christmas 2018 online sales of US$765 Billion in the US and up to 12% according to the US National Retail Federation. In the US and the UK, the Christmas shopping season is the busiest shopping time of the year and accounts for as much as 30% of the total sales in the year for many retailers.

Today more people are shopping online and doing their Christmas shopping well in advance with 4 in 10 people planning to start their Christmas holiday shopping from early November. High Street retailers continue to lose sales to online shopping as consumer move away from offline to online shopping, according to the British Retail Consortium, there has been a 10% decline over the past seven years in the popularity of shopping in the UK high street.

The year on year growth in online shopping presents an opportunity to website affiliates to earn high commissions and in particular for marketers in the SaaS affiliate space. Affiliates can make the most for the demand from online stores for increased server capacity, uptime, and website performance monitoring to cope with the demand for online security.

StatusCake Partners A High Paying Affiliate Program

The great news for affiliate websites is that affiliate programs selling digital, server space and internet security services pay high commissions and in many cases, these commissions are paid for the lifetime of the customer. These high paying affiliate programs are increasingly popular as they offer innovative web security services that are in high demand during the busy Christmas shopping season.

Online marketers and affiliates can also benefit from these high paying affiliate programs by marketing digital services that are new and not very competitive to promote on the internet at the moment. This in turn helps affiliates to maximize their commission potential as the media costs are low and can run PPC, banner, and social media campaigns at a low media cost.

What also makes these high paying affiliate programs really interesting is that many of these SaaS affiliate programs pay a recurring commission. In this way affiliates and online publishers benefit from earning a lifetime commission when their referred customers renew their purchase with the online store and in this way keeps earning them commission.

StatusCake Partners is a high paying affiliate program, affiliates get paid 30% recurring lifetime commission for customers referred to any of our paid subscriptions. Join StatusCake partners today and start making money during the busiest shopping season of the year!

Online Stores Must Get Ready for the Christmas Shopping Season

As the autumn and winter shopping seasons get underway, online stores and merchant websites need to start preparing their affiliate marketing campaigns. Now is the time to start preparing your affiliate campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas sales. Therefore, merchants and online stores must get ready and make sure that Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas campaigns have the biggest discount and best promotions for the season.

It is vital for online stores to ensure that their websites are available on the internet and that their sites are up at all times, upload quickly, and offer a secure shopping experience. This means that websites must be able to cope with the increase in demand from customers during the peak Christmas shopping season and also be able to deal with artificial traffic requests. Otherwise, online shoppers will abandon their shopping carts and buy from your competitors if they find that they can’t complete their purchases quickly and with ease.

StatusCake offers website monitoring tools that are straightforward to install on your website and you get instant alerts via email, text, Twitter ensuring that your website is up and running without errors at all times. StatusCake helps you run your website efficiently during the shopping holiday making sure that you maximize your profits by keeping a close look at your website performance and alerting you of any incidents that may take place.

Earn High Commissions Promoting StatusCake Partners Affiliate Program

This peak period in online sales offers an unrivalled opportunity for affiliate marketers and affiliate websites to earn high commissions as online stores will see an increase in the volume of online traffic and sales as their campaigns get traction with their customers. Online stores must ensure that they are ready for this peak period and have all the systems in place to ensure that they can handle the increase in the volume of traffic and monitor closely uptime, website performance security and website speed.

StatusCake Partners affiliate program is a top paying affiliate program operating in the SaaS – Software as a Service space and dedicated to the marketing of StatusCake uptime and performance website monitoring services. SaaS services have been available for some time now and more recently they have been offering website affiliates the opportunity to promote their digital products and services via SaaS affiliate programs.

Both new and more experienced affiliates should invest their time and money wisely by joining a program in a high paying affiliate niche like SaaS in order to get the high commissions results that they want. There are many options to go for when creating an affiliate marketing business and is crucial that marketers chose the right affiliate niche that is related to their commercial plans and personal interests.

Once you know which affiliate program to go for, you need to join a top paying affiliate program that will enable you to earn high commission in the highly lucrative Software as a Service – SaaS affiliate space. StatusCake Partners is the top paying affiliate program that is FREE to join and pays lifetime commission, click here to join with no minimum obligations.

StatusCake Partners is a well-recognized affiliate program in the uptime monitoring and website performance monitoring industry, as such they offer their affiliates a solid and reliable affiliate software. Affiliates can promote StatusCake digital services using offer text links in a blog, website, and social media channels or add StatusCake banners to their websites and earn high commissions once their users subscribe to one of the paid plans.

Prepare Your Affiliate Marketing Site for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Sales.

Affiliates and online retailers alike must ensure that their online presence during the peak season is secure and reliable. Is critical for merchants to be able to handle natural fluctuations and artificial traffic demands at this time of the year.

Prepare your web pages for quick upload as slow page load affects conversion rates. Small delays affect the user browsing experience as current average page size are up as a result of higher quality images and the increased use of video. Slow page uploading also affects customer satisfaction as website content doesn’t load effectively with an ever more congested internet.

Affiliates and merchants also must optimize their website pages for the different devices and browser options available at the moment and in this way avoid a negative online user experience or website usability and more importantly sales conversions!

Today, more and more online users are shopping via their mobile devices, shoppers using their smart phones to make online purchasers are growing year on year in all parts of the world followed by tablets. This means that online retailers and affiliate marketers need content delivery systems that can meet the endpoint page request and therefore optimize the website to render in the right screen resolution and for the right internet browser.

StatusCake offers page speed monitoring services tests that are used to collect and analyze data for load time for both websites and individual pages. Once you sign up to StatusCake you get a full breakdown of these tests to help you identify areas within your website that may be causing load time issues. StatusCake also offer the option to set up alerts on page load time and size ensuring that you get notified every time your website takes too long to load.

Another advantage of using StatusCake page speed monitoring services is that you can set up reports on all the tests that you set up. This helps webmasters to find and investigate any spotted trends with the help of 8 monitoring locations around the world enabling you to get results that are most import to your online business.

Online retailers and affiliate websites must keep a consistent and reliable shopping experience from Black Friday week, Cyber Monday, and all the way to Christmas sales. This is the busiest shopping quarter of the year and a time for online retailers to make or break! Online retailers must ensure that their websites are available at any time, anywhere and with any device to keep customers engaged for the sales surge in the last three months of the year.

Affiliates will also benefit with the increase in traffic to their sites as the affiliate marketing campaigns get underway offering excellent discounts and big savings across all shopping verticals. With a high paying affiliate program like StatusCake Partners, new and existing affiliates will have a unique opportunity to make money online by promoting StatusCake website monitoring, page speed, and server monitoring services. While at the same time helping retailers stay online and ensuring their websites load up quickly at this key time of the year. 

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