Alerting you to your website’s downtime is something that does a great job of.  We’re great at monitoring but that’s not the whole story.  As a website owner you want to know much more than just uptime / downtime surely? What about the full user experience – what do visitors to your website see? Are all your scripts running as they should – and if not what are the issues?

Today we’re happy to announce the addition of JavaScript error monitoring.  By copying a very short embed tag onto your website you can now log every single JavaScript error and then review them within the StatusCake Control Panel.  This means that you can react to the entire spectrum of issues which can impact on your website.

You can start using StatusCake JS Logger right away – just log in to your StatusCake account (or if you’ve not got a StatusCake account sign-up here); set-up a website monitor and then select the new JavaScript button on the website listing page.  From here you will be redirected to a page that includes the Embed Code. It takes only a couple of minutes to set-up and can save you losing customers from simple JavaScript errors.

Once you start getting some JavaScript errors you can tag them as fixed or ignored along with a note; meaning you can track your progress in solving the issues within your StatusCake account. This is just another way we’re looking after your website and would love feedback on this new feature. If you have any questions about setup as always feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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