At any one time we have around 50 percent of our online users sitting on a particular page and constantly refreshing – what page is that you may ask? Current Tests. This is the page in which all of your tests are displayed along with their status and as such it makes sense to want to refresh this often as possible to ensure you are getting the most up to date information about your tests, but why should you have to go through the effort of pressing that refresh button? (hey it’s effort if you do it ALOT!).

Today we’re happy to announce some changes to the Current Tests page. When you now visit the Current Tests page all data will be updated every 2 seconds. This means no matter how long you’ve had the tab open you can be certain the information you’re glancing at is the most up to date information we have.

This applies to Uptime, Status, Performance values and the global uptime and global performance sections. In addition to constantly updating values the Performance load time within the table will now either show as green or red. If the number is green then it means your tests loadtime is decreasing whereas if it’s red then it means the load time has increased in the past few tests. Gray means no change!

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